Bag Review: Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet On Chain

YSL Pale Pink WOC Chain Wallet Review |

I’ve received lots of questions about my brand new Saint Laurent Monogram wallet on a chain, and everyone knows I love handbags, so I thought this was a good time for my first bag review! It was love at first sight when I spotted this Saint Laurent Wallet On Chain on Yoogi’s Closet: 25% off its full retail price in NEW condition?! I thought it was a mistake at first… but I quickly got my credit card and BAM, it was mine!

Before I dive into a bag review, I’d like to give you a quick back story on my hunt for The Perfect Wallet-on-Chain Bag.  My first handbag purchase after I got my first real job out of college was a Marc Jacobs Mini Single Wallet-On-Chain Bag.  I still like it, but I rarely carry it now. I started looking something a little nicer for when we go out to nice dinners or if I want to make my all-black-everything leggings-and-Northface look a bit nicer. I know that sounds ridiculous to think about something like a handbag, but to me, a handbag can define not only your outfit, but your confidence as well. Sure, a good pair of shoes makes your world a catwalk, but carrying a Chanel bag makes you feel something.

After my sister and I booked our trip to Paris, I decided that I really wanted to buy a Chanel anything while I was in France—but the handbag angels had another plan for me. I saved for months to be in a comfortable place to be able to purchase a Chanel bag in Paris, where Coco Chanel started her global empire.  I dragged my sister to about 6 Chanel boutiques, and I tried on about 15 Chanel bags. None of them were right, so I gave up.

I’ve always had an affinity towards the YSL logo for its typographic beauty (I’m a self-taught graphic designer). After being in Marrakech, a place where Yves Saint Laurent spent a great deal of time, I was even more inspired to own my first Saint Laurent bag.  We visited the Majorelle Gardens, which YSL and his partner Pierre Bergé purchased to restore to its full cacti-centric appeal—Yves Saint Laurent himself is buried in the gardens. After visiting the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech, and falling even more in love with Yves Saint Laurent, we arrived at the nearby La Mamounia Hotel—lo and behold, there’s a fucking Saint Laurent store!!  I tried on the YSL Black Chevron WOC (shown below), but I hesitated and decided no, I couldn’t. Then I regretted it… a lot.

Flash forward a few weeks, and a Light Pink Chevron Quilted Grained Leather Metalasse Wallet on Chain Bag pops up on the Yoogi’s Closet Latest Arrivals page for 25% OFF!!! “It’s meant to be,” I thought.  And so, she’s MINE!

The Saint Laurent WOC has a quilted leather chevron style and a large silver ‘YSL’ logo in the center with a chain and leather that can be worn across the chest, over the shoulder, or removed to carry it as a clutch. I’ve tried to carry colorful bags before; I’ve even tried grey and brown bags to “try something different”… but nothing seemed to stick—I’d fall out of love after the first time I carried it. But this little pink bag is an exception. This one is different…  I’m two weeks in with this YSL and I’ve carried it everyday. Because muscle weakness is one of many symptoms I struggle with because of my Fibromyalgia, I’ve grown to love carrying small crossbody bags that only hold my bare essentials, which is exactly what this bag does.

Bag Review: Saint Laurent Monogram Envelope Wallet On Chain

YSL WOC Bag and Saint Laurent Dust Bag

The Saint Laurent WOC comes in two sizes:

Saint Laurent Envelope Chain Wallet

  • Current retail price: $1350
  • 7.5″ x 4.9″ x 1.4″ inches (L x W x H)
  • Six card slots, one zip pocket, one flat pocket
  • Chain strap with
  • This is the size of mine and what this review is about. It’s small, but it’s the perfect size for *just the bare essentials* which is hardly anything. I bought this bag for occasions I don’t want to carry much.

Saint Laurent Chain Wallet

  • Current retail price: $1650
  • 8.8” x 5.5” x 1.6” inches (L x W x H)
  • 20 card slots, 1 zip pocket, 4 flat slots
  • Solid chain strap
  • This is the largest size of the two, which has way more card slots and space inside.


The strap is a removable chain with leather should pad. It’s a good length for me to wear as a crossbody and the length of the chain strap is very petite-friendly!  I’m 5’1″ and it hits me right at the hip. The addition of the leather strap is an even bigger plus—it’s comfortable and never digs in to my shoulder. When I was deciding between the YSL WOC and a Chanel WOC, to be perfectly honest, I went with the YSL because of the strap. Chanel’s was too long—YSL is just right.  The strap has an 18″ drop and is also removable with two clips on the underside of the flap.  In comparison, the Chanel WOC strap does not come off and has a 25″ drop, which is too long for little me. Being able to remove a strap to carry as a clutch or a wallet vs. having to tuck it in is a nice option to have.


The envelope shaped flap closes with a snap closure. This is the only feature of this bag I would change. I would prefer a magnetic snap closure because they’re easy, and a snap closure still requires you to focus on your bag with two hands to line up the snaps. I’m lazy, alright? I want function AND fashion.



It’s pale pink that changes colors depending on the light. Sometimes it appears more beige, and other times it’s very pink. This makes it a versatile addition to my handbag collection and wardrobe–both of which are basically all black.

The chevron quilted leather, officially named Grain De Poudre Textured Matelassé Leather, is a durable grained calfskin leather, which is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean. The leather is BEAUTIFUL.

It has six card slots, one open compartment, one zip pocket, and one slim flat pocket. Which brings me to my next point….

What fits inside the YSL Wallet on Chain?

Barely anything.

What fits inside my Saint Laurent Light Pink Monogram Envelope WOC bag
  • iPhone Seven Plus
  • Apple Headphones
  • Chanel Lipgloss
  • Keys (car key, car remote, house key, carabiner)

Sometimes I wish it were a little bigger, but do I really need to carry anything else?

How well does the Saint Laurent WOC wear?

This is something I always consider when buying a luxury bag because some day I might resell it; bags that can be worn regularly without showing a great deal of wear can sell for more money. Because this bag is light pink, it’s prone to color transfer from dark clothes and will likely show wear along the corner edges. After two weeks of every day wear, it already shows some light marks along the corners and some of the stitching is starting to get fuzzy. I’ve cleaned off several marks on the corners already. Sigh.

How much could I sell my YSL Wallet On Chain for?

If I turned around right now and tried to resell my Saint Laurent WOC, I could probably get somewhere between $500-$650 back by selling it through a reseller like Yoogi’s Closet. This bag is very popular right now and therefore is in high demand on resale sites. If I tried to sell it on my own, I could sell it between $800-$1200, depending on condition.


All-in-all, I really love this bag and I’m really happy I decided to get the Saint Laurent WOC instead of the Chanel WOC, which I wasn’t completely in love with.

If you have any other questions about this bag or any others, leave me a comment!

To see more handbags, follow me on Instagram @beccarisa or my account dedicated to lattes and purses: @coffeeandhandbags.

*Full disclosure: I am affiliated with Yoogi’s Closet, but this post is in no way sponsored by Yoogi’s Closet and all opinions are my own.* 

Author: Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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  1. Hi loved your post on the WOC ! I too have fibro so I know well the struggle with bags … I’m a bag addict I love my luxe collection you can follow me @bagsyouknowit on Instagram and I have a blog by the same handle … I had recently sold me entire cc collection only to regrow it again .. Its my go to when I on “bad” day ..instantly lifts my mood and any outfit …

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  2. Your review of the alma bb is what brought me to your blog in the first place. Now I am reading through a bunch of your other, non-bag-related posts because they resonate with me! But guess what, my sister has this YSL woc in black with the gold hardware!

    Also, I am so sorry to hear that you have fibromyalgia. I can’t relate, but I’ve met many patients with it..

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  3. Hi there!
    Question for you. I just bought the ysl woc in the black with silver hardware. Do you think this bag is safe in light rain? Like would the metal rust?! And does the leather need protectant?


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