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Personal Essays

I Didn’t Have A Wedding And It Was The Best Thing I Ever Did
Huffington Post 

I’m Not Sick, I Have Fibromyalgia
The Mighty
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What Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Me, and 45 Million People Have In Common
202k views, 82k social shares

Fashion Journalism

The Truth About Counterfeit Luxury Handbags
(70k views, 491 social shares!)

Are Louis Vuitton Bags Made In The USA?

Top 10 Louis Vuitton Bags To Buy And Sell

Louis Vuitton Brand Information Guide

Are Chanel Bags Made With Real Gold?

The 4 Cs of Diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat

Gucci Bans Influencer Gifting, Here’s What They’re Doing Instead

Loho: The Tights That Are Redefining History (and selling out everywhere)

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