Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting for Yoogi’s Closet

For luxury accessories reseller Yoogi’s Closet, image is everything. The voice and tone is authentic, trusted, and relationship-oriented. Yoogi’s Closet has a highly-engaged email list with over 140k subscribers who are seasoned luxury experts and online shoppers. Customers are comfortable spending money but want a good value for their purchases. The price of goods represent a significant amount of money so all copy has to justify the value without being salesy. In order to establish trust, all copy needed to use specific brand-oriented language, show that they are experts in luxury authenticity, and prove that their customer service is best in class.


  • Average monthly email revenue: $45,000
  • Gross email revenue 2019-2020: $5.1 million
  • 10% increase revenue Y-Y
  • 36% increase in email list growth Y-Y by offering special incentives, giveaways, and opt-in at checkout

Email Copywriting for Ritani

Ritani’s email marketing focused on engagement, trend, fashion jewelry for a female audience. The voice and tone of Ritani’s copy is playful and confident. While serving as in-house marketing copywriter for Ritani, I wrote 3 emails a week.

Email Copywriting for The Mine (now part of Lowe’s)

The Mine, now part of Lowe’s, was a high-end home decor company. The Mine’s target audience were people who wanted to put a personal stamp on the interior design of their own home. Their email marketing was meant to promote merchandise and inspire customers.

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