Hi, I’m Becca Luna. Risa (like Reese’s with an a) is my middle name. Yeah, I know it’s a cool name.

My mission is to inspire people to be their fearlessly confident and chic selves.

I live in Seattle, WA with my husband. I grew up in Northern California.  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication Design from California State University, Chico. My personal passion is advocating for mental health and Fibromyalgia awareness.  I also really love handbags and reporting on the resale market… If you’re interested in reading more about handbags, I blog about them at coffeeandhandbags.com.

So like, what do you do

Professionally, I’m a freelance Senior Copywriter. I have over 9 years of experience working with ecommerce brands; I work with high-end consumer brands like Yoogi’s Closet, Ritani, and Lowe’s.

I specialize in marketing for luxury handbags, fine jewelry, diamonds, home furnishings—all the things that make life a little extra beautiful.

My in-depth knowledge of fashion and design stems from my love of style and accessories. I’m an expert in handbags as well as fine jewelry and diamonds. I’m at my best when I’m researching the evolution of the major design houses and the ways in which they rework iconic codes and symbols, or developing a content strategy for small fashion brands.

Aside from writing, researching, and designing, my passion is creating beautiful images and words for small businesses–especially women-owned businesses–to execute campaigns that make customers smile and engage with a product or brand.