Restaurant Review: Septime | Paris, France

Simplicity is complex. Achieving simplicity while still being inventive is a feat few chefs can accomplish. Septime does just that and more.

The dishes at Septime are simple, refined and approachable while pushing the envelope on flavor, creating one of the most exquisite meals I’ve ever had.

The menu at Septime changes daily, depending on the produce available in the local markets, then each dish is made with just three to four ingredients. Septime transports its diners on a culinary journey in their mouth through the land and sea of France using fresh, local ingredients. While simple, Septime successfully transcends ingredients into something unexpected, rustic and utterly exquisite—like zucchini, which I usually think is pretty boring, is transformed into a decadent vegetable-centric dish with blanched veggies swimming in a pool of buttery goodness.

Iconic French chef Bertrand Grébaut was a graduate of Alain Passard’s three Michelin-starred L’Arpège, which is apparent in every dish but there’s no pretentiousness in the food: it’s simple and uncomplicated.

If you’re expecting fancy white-table-cloth Parisienne, you may want to dine elsewhere. Septime’s reclaimed wood tables, industrial lighting, exposed concrete, fresh flowers, and glass window wall, gives the space a homey, yet super rustic “dining in a cottage” kind of vibe.

Septime is notoriously difficult to eat at, thanks to its Michelin Stars and its status as the best restaurant in Paris for several years now. You can and SHOULD make a reservation online up to three weeks in advanced. My amazing sister R woke up at 3AM to get us a reservation for three weeks in advanced—our first night in Paris together.


Septime Menu

For June 21, 2017

Septime restaurant menu | June 2017

Septime spiral staircase and rustic decor

Course 1: Potato cream from an island west of Paris with French sturgeon caviar.

Septime restaurant review | French sturgeon caviar and baguetteSeptime restaurant review | French Sturgeon caviar on potato cream

Course 2: chilled mushroom broth with currants, tofu and fish.

Septime restaurant review | Chilled mushroom broth

Course 3: Eggplant with sea vegetables.

Course 4: Zucchini with sea vegetables and botarga (dried compressed fish roe)

Septime restaurant | Fresh zucchini and carrot in butter

Course 5: Lobster from Brittany, Fresh jicama, zucchini in white wine

Septime restaurant review | French lobster and green vegetables in white wine

Cheese course: French cheese with fresh baguette


Dessert: strawberry sorbet with macerated strawberry and almond

Strawberry sorbet

Septime really blew me away. Certain meals in our lives open our eyes to see food differently. Dining at Septime made me appreciate the simplicity of fresh vegetables in a little butter (which I now find myself craving). I also realized the wide abundance of food that comes from all the different regions in France. It’s so easy to think of far-away countries and places as “one place”, when it reality there are diverse regions and climates that produce such a wide range of ingredients. That diversity has created a cuisine that’s based on what’s local and what’s in season: something we could all learn from—Michelin-starred chef or not.

If you are interested in modern French cooking, like dining at Michelin-rated restaurants and appreciate a fancy tasting menu meal, this is definitely the place to go. I’m a destination foodie and this was one of the meals I’ve ever had. Like I mentioned earlier, the menu is different every day so unfortunately you probably won’t get what I’ve pictured in this post but I promise whatever you get will taste even better than it looks.

Have you dined at Septime? What are your favourite Parisienne restaurants? Let me know in the comments.

Best restaurant in Paris: Septime

Author: Becca Risa Luna

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