Instagram Crushes Of The Week


Instagram Crush of the week

I am always on Instagram, and I am always looking for new accounts to get inspired by. Here’s a list of some Insta feeds I’m loving this week:


by day Elisa designs knitwear for Nordstrom, and by night she’s a badass blogger and mama. she gets really creative with her Instagram posts and it always feels refreshing to see something new, plus she always has the best poses. I find myself inspired by her colorful outfits, and she’s always eating something delicious on her Instagram stories.  look at this gem of her in the grocery store–I didn’t realize the produce aisle could look so chic!

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I’ve been following Cortney for ages and she is one of the main bloggers I get fashion inspo from. she is a master at helping women define their personal style–she even has a style quiz on her blog right now that I’m obsessed with.  and she also has an adorable frenchie.


not only is jojotastic an amazing photographer/stylist/designer/friend/everything, but she is also effing HILARIOUS. follow her and watch her Instagram stories (watch for her chickens).


combining old school vintage vibes with modern chic, this petite blogger inspires me to dress a little differently every time I see her posts.  plus, her blog is full of career tips and travel inspo.



this newbie has one of my favorite blogs right now. her editorial voice is really, really honest and full of humor. plus, she creates collages for her site & insta that I very inspired by. in a world full of same-bloggers, this gal feels new and fresh.


pug, matching outfits, really nice photos… what more could you want?! swoon. this is the instagram page I wish I had (cuz I have a pug).


this is one of my fave accounts because 1. her style/aesthetics is always so, so good and 2. the gal in charge, erica, feels like my long lost jewish sister.


she sums up her insta as “style, words, and empowerment,” and I adore her for that. I am inspired by her captions that ooze honesty; reading them makes me feel like I’m listening to her. I wish I could hang out with her IRL, but until then I’ll just keep pestering her via DM.


travel-inspo and coffee cups from a super-talented blogger/photographer. I am constantly in awe of her photos, and jealous of her world travels. plus, she’s launching A TRAVEL APP!!!!



designer and illustrator makes these goth-inspired pins that I adore (that snake, summer goth, the rose, the hands?! all of them basically). she’s been designing a positive affirmation tarot deck and showing sneak previews on her Instagram stories of her creative process, which is always really cool to see.


there are so many inspiring accounts on instagram and I know left out TONS of accounts I really like. what are some of your favorites right now? drop some URLs in the comments (or yours!) for me to follow… I might just feature you next week 😉



Author: Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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