Restaurant Review: Raccolto, Handmade Pasta and Seasonal Veggies in West Seattle

For handmade pastas, seasonal vegetables, local seafood and excellent service, head to Raccolto on California Ave SW in West Seattle.

4147 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

5pm – 10pm


I know there aren’t very many reasons to travel over the bridge to West Seattle. It’s practically another country! If you do find yourself in West Seattle, there are lots of really good restaurants.

Raccolto, by head chef Brian Clevenger, uses Northwest ingredients with Italian influence. Clevenger, who spent several years at Ethan Stowell’s famous Staple & Fancy, brings a modern dining experience to West Seattle that it’s been lacking. Raccolto brings more of the “foodie scene” to WS.

The bi-level space features floor-to-ceiling windows, a chef’s counter, a tiny six-seat bar in the back, and a minimalist design.

What To Eat At Raccolto

The menu is split between Raw/Cured/Vegetable, Pasta, and Protein. There are dozen starters and small plates which come out quickly. Everything is served family style and is plated to be shared.

Pasta: Cavatelli in Irish Butter and Black Pepper

My personal favorite is the cavatelli in Irish Butter and Black Pepper (known to most as cacio e pepe). Tiny shell-like pastas are tossed in heaps of Irish butter and Black Pepper for a satisfying bowl of pasta, which makes me a little nostalgic for all the bowls of mac & cheese I ate as a kid; this dish is the grown-up version and it’s way, way better. This might be a bold statement given how many amazing pasta-centric restaurants there are in seattle, but it’s one of my favorite bowls of pasta in the city.

Another favorite is the Strozzapreti (which literally translates to “priest-stranglers”???) is paired excellently with a simple, beefy, creamy bolognese sauce. It’s a comforting dish. You can’t help but eat the entire plate.

Another thing I love about Raccolto? They don’t skimp on the Parmesan. The result is a melty mountain of shredded pecorino. Pile it on, please.

Fresh handmade pasta at Raccolto in West Seattle

Beef Tartare

I used to be scared to eat beef tartare until someone reminded me that I eat sushi all the time. There’s a beauty in a really good beef tartare—it’s a little sweet, a little salty, with just the right amount of acidity. When placed on a slice of grilled baguette, it’s comforting and luxurious all at the same time.

Beef Tartare at Raccolto in West Seattle

Smoked Fish

Another go-to favorite at Raccolto is the smoked fish toasts. A grilled crostini is topped with smoked fish then garnished with chives and really delicious sweet pickled onion.

Smoked fish toast at Raccolto in West Seattle

Final Verdict

  • My favorite restaurant in West Seattle!
  • Happy hour is in the bar from 5-6
  • Make a reservation
  • Order at least one pasta

Raccolto the best restaurant in West seattle |

Author: Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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