I Quit Makeup and My Skin Is The Best It’s Ever Looked

Dear makeup, it’s not you, it’s me.

We fell in love when I was a little girl, watching my grandmother apply her lipstick, bent over her brightly lit vanity to get a closer look in the mirror.

I got to know you in middle school, when I wore thick black eyeliner everyday and spent Friday nights trying on lipstick and perfume at Nordstrom.

In high school and college, we experimented. We tried bright colors, red lipstick, and a little too much bronzer. I loved you so much, I didn’t want to go anywhere without you.

But now, I think we need to part ways.

Look, I LOVE makeup. The first time you open a fresh tube of lipstick? Heaven. Figuring out the perfect eyeshadow combination from three different palettes? YASSSS GIRL.

There’s a simple beauty in a makeup routine— you’re spending that time making yourself look and feel beautiful.

There’s nothing wrong with loving makeup, or loving doing your makeup, especially if you use responsible, natural, and/or non-toxic products that aren’t tested on animals.

I used to spend hours doing my hair and makeup—I wouldn’t leave my house without my black eyeliner and mascara, sometimes I did smoky eyes on random Tuesdays, I would cake on loads of foundation, bronzer and highlighter. But I used to hate how my skin felt all the time.

And then something clicked, and I decided I wanted to spend that energy doing something else.

I didn’t quit makeup all together, but I did minimize my routine to incorporate more skincare with less products.

While everyone was out learning how to contour, I was trying to finally fall in love with my reflection. For me, that needed to start with the skin that holds my being.

And then I fell in love with all natural, non-toxic Origins products, thanks to my bestie Rachel Turner at Origins Fashion Valley in San Diego.

My skin looks flawless and feels a lot better. Last night, my husband even said I looked RADIANT!! 😍

Skincare Products I Love:

These skincare products are the ones I swear by. I’ve also emptied all of these and purchased them again, which says a lot, because we all know how long it takes to go through these bottles!

You’ll notice there are A LOT of Origins products on here. Origins uses ingredients from nature with advanced science to create natural skincare products–and they don’t test on animals. I really like their products and they’ve been great for my skin. I’m not saying they’re the best ever and that there aren’t better things on the market.

easy Origins skincare routine

I’m linking these products here so they’re all in one place!

The ladies in my family were always serious about their skincare–I remember my grandmother applying her “night cream” and my mom has used fancy skincare since as long as I can remember… but I didn’t learn about how to actually use skincare until my mid-20s.

This is the order you need to remember for your routine:


If you’re curious about my skin care routine, I’m going to give you my exact routine that I use on a daily basis and my “special skincare” aka when I need a self-care day or if my skin feels really dry and I want a mini-facial.

Every Morning Skincare Routine

  1. Wash face with cold water
  2. Apply a splash of Origins Plantscription Treatment Lotion all over
  3. Apply Origins Original Skin Serum and let it dry
  4. Apply Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Wake Up Balm
  5. Apply MAC Strobe Cream to your cheek bones, straight down your nose and that spot on your forehead right above your diligently plucked unibrow
  6. Apply Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
  7. Apply lipstick or gloss

PM Routine

  1. Wash my face with cold water
  2. Using a small pump of Glossier Jelly Cleanser wash face again
  3. Dry face
  4. Apply a splash of Origins Plantscription Treatment Lotion all over
  5. Apply Origins Original Skin Serum and let it dry
  6. Apply a Origins Renewing Face Oil to each area of your face (more on that in a minute)
  7. Apply Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream OR Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. Apply more than you think you need, your skin will absorb it overnight.
  8. Sweet dreams!

Mini-Facial Routine (once a week or so, at night)

  1. Wash my face with cold water
  2. Using a small pump of Glossier Jelly Cleanser wash face again
  3. Dry face
  4. Apply a spritz of Origins Primer Mist
  5. Apply Origins Original Skin Mask
  6. Go do something while it dries, then wash it off. I usually do that in the shower.
  7. Apply Origins Plantscription Treatment Lotion all over
  8. Apply Origins Original Skin Serum all over
  9. Apply a drop of Origins Renewing Face Oil (more on that in a minute)
  10. Use jade roller in an up/outwards motion, from the center of your face out
  11. Apply Origins Three Part Harmony Nourishing Cream OR Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Q&A with skincare expert  Rachel Turner

Skincare expert Rachel Turner and I go way back—we’ve been besties since 12! With her 8 years of experience in cosmetology and skincare, she’s my go-to girl for all things beauty and what goes on my face. She’s currently a skincare expert and Key Holder at Origins Fashion Valley in San Diego. She even answers my frantic skincare crisis questions like, “What do I do if I have a huge zit on my forehead?!” or “Why is my skin so dry!!?!” I asked her a few questions to help you with your skin care needs.

I just started using oil on my face and I have no idea what to do—I’m scared to use too much! How many drops of oil do you usually use?

I do a small squirt (3-4 drops) on each zone of my face (forehead, cheeks, chin). I used to do one drop on my forehead and rub it in, but once I started applying more, I noticed a dramatic difference.

But isn’t using oil on your face counterintuitive if your skin is already oily?

Oil is good because it replenishes the lipid in our skin that we lose over time. Oil rebuilds the moisture barrier in our skin so we can retain moisture for a longer period of time. It also helps fight bad oil that causes acne.

If you could recommend one Origins product to someone who doesn’t do any skincare to start with, what would it be?

That’s a hard question—all Origins products have a specific use! If I have to pick one, I would recommend a moisturizer. Everyone needs a moisturizer, whether you’re oily or dry. There’s so much benefit to using one.

What’s your number one favorite Origins product of all time?

WHY DO I CHOOSE ONE? There’s so many!

Okay, fine. Top two favorite Origins products?

Plantscription Power Anti-Aging Serum is my favorite. It actually decreased the lines on my forehead and helps smooth out my skins texture. And the Original Skin Pore-Perfecting Cooling Primer because it actually works, tightens my pores and makes my makeup look flawless.

What’s advice you would give someone in their late twenties / early thirties about their skin?

Start now. Even if it’s just a simple routine, start your routine now. The number one complaint I hear from my older clients is, “I wish I took better care of my skin when I was younger”. Some damage is irreversible. Your skin is something that you and EVERYONE sees every day. Take care of it.

And make sure to wear sunscreen!
Rachel Turner is an Assistant Store Manager and skincare expert at Origins Fashion Valley in San Diego. Visit her for a FREE facial and follow her on Instagram @missrachelann for skincare tips and tutorials!

If you’re still alllll the way down here, I think you might wanna be friends with me now. I’d LOVE that. Follow me on Instagram @beccarisa.

What did I miss? What kind of skincare do you swear by? What products do I have to buy ASAP? Let me know in the comments! 

Author: Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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  1. Hi Becca, Your post was so interesting. I agree that make up is awesome and works wonders on some faces but at the end of the day, it’s only just a mask and we’ll get to deal with our real reflections after taking the mask off. We have to take our skin care as priority because it is what we’ll wear for the rest of our lives…. Nice one

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