Olympia Coffee Roasters Brings New Cafe To West Seattle

After what felt like forever, Olympia Coffee Roasters finally took down their branded paper from their windows to reveal a beautiful, design-centric cafe in West Seattle.

3840 California SW, Seattle WA

Monday through Friday: 6am-6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am-6pm

Olympia Coffee Roasters has been roasting Fair Trade, small batch and single origin coffee in Olympia since 2005. The West Seattle location is their first location outside of the south Sound. Olympia Coffe Roasters is known for working and trading directly with coffee farmers in Africa and Latin America.

When my husband and I drive south to go to Portland or Long Beach, we always stop at Olympia Coffee Roasters for a cup of coffee or a latte and to buy a bag of their award-winning beans, so I have been super pumped for this cafe to open.

The brand new Olympia Coffee shop features all the Instagram-ready touches that a cafe needs nowadays to bring customers from outside of the local area. A good cup of coffee isn’t hard to find in Seattle, so an extra touch of design flare is the icing on the cake for easy marketing that draws Instagrammers and coffee snobs alike.

Custom white/gold La Marzocco Strada AV espresso machine designed by Pantechnicon Design | beccarisaluna.com
Olympia Coffee Roasters cafe in West Seattle | beccarisaluna.com
Olympia Coffee Roasters new cafe in West Seattle with marble countertops and sustainable wood siding | beccarisaluna.com
Custom quartz tables and wood stools at Olympia Coffee Roasters | beccarisaluna.com

Olympia Coffee Roasters excels in this department.

Designed by design + build firm Artisans Group (who also designed two of Olympia Coffee’s other cafes), the 600 sq. foot coffee bar uses all sustainably sourced materials.

Take a seat at a built-in bench with three attached quartz tables line the front window—with a gold inlay that’s a common design thread woven throughout the shop. This gilded detail, paired with a stunning marble waterfall countertop and a custom glossy white/gold La Marzocco Strada AV espresso machine (designed by Pantechnicon Design), create a modern, airy aesthetic in this small space. Floor-to-ceiling wood siding lines the back wall of the shop. It’s beautiful and I’m obsessed.

The glass windows open, which will be really nice on a warm spring or summer day, but this cafe didn’t have outdoor seating during winter.

Okay, but how’s the coffee?

Besides being adorable, the coffee is damn good, too. If you’re looking for a smooth cup of coffee or a perfectly poured latte (with latte art!)—this is a good place for you. You won’t find a Frappuccino in sight, but you will find housemade vanilla syrup and individual pour overs. I like to judge coffee shops based on their cappuccinos (8oz, espresso + steamed milk +foam), and Olympia NAILS it.

The service is impeccable. They just opened, and the shop was packed, but they still brought our coffee directly to our table. It’s little things like this—service & hospitality, if you will—that keep us coming for more.

There isn’t a food menu or meal options, but Olympia Coffee does have a few pastry options (made by The Bakehouse 55) in their case, including a cream cheese-filled everything croissant that was literally everything and a Nutella cruffin.

Pastries made by The Bakehouse 55 at Olympia Coffee Roasters | www.beccarisaluna.com
Olympia Coffee Roasters opens new cafe in West Seattle | beccarisaluna.com

Bottom line: if you’re in the West Seattle area and looking for good coffee from a super cute cafe, Olympia Coffee is a great place to go. It’s definitely going to become a go-to for me.

Enjoy your coffee.

More West Seattle coffee shops

  • Sound & Fog (near the California Ave Junction)
  • Youngstown Coffee (two locations, Delridge and California Ave SW)
  • RealFine Coffee (on Fauntleroy, close to the West Seattle Bridge)
  • Ampersand Coffee (on Alki)
  • Cafe Fiore (North Admiral)
  • Cafe Ladro (in Fauntleroy Junction)
  • Moonshot Coffee (in White Center)
  • Dubsea Coffee (in White Center)

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Author: Becca Risa Luna

Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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