My Husband Makes Soufflés

My husband is obsessed with making soufflés, and I’m living for it. He’s an “All or Nothing” kind of guy—he gets very into doing something and focuses all of his after-workday energy on it. Most of the time, it’s cooking. He’s mastered duck confit (his favorite), cast iron steak, pork belly fried rice—this month, it’s soufflés.

Follow along as I update with his latest soufflés.

Here are the rules:

There are no rules, just soufflés.

December 23 | Souffle #5

Tonight was a chocolate/coffee/cherry/marshmallow soufflé.

I also gave the stencil a second try and I feel like it was a success.


December 20 | Souffle # 4


We’ve been talking about funfetti soufflés for the last few days and tonight was the night.

I supervised tonight. I’m trying not to interfere with the experiment (as I have a tendency to do), and let him have his time in the kitchen, in whatever zone he gets into.

He did a layer of halved marshmallows, sprinkles, then poured his batter on it. That sounds kinda sexy. Is it a batter? I don’t know.

Tonight I sat on the floor, in front of the oven, whispering nice things to two soufflés.

The other day we were talking about a blog post I read by a sweet gal, Ali Karsant, where, for 20 days, she said nice and encouraging things to half an apple and mean, destructive words to the other half. At the end of the 20 days, the apple she said nice things to looked alright, but the apple she said mean things to looked dark and rotten. The whole thing is about self-love and maybe, how we treat one another, and uh, you know, biology and probably some science.

This lead me to the kitchen floor, telling two soufflés that they were beautiful.

And it WORKED!!!

Husband: Should we put sprinkles on top?

Me: ummm YES obviously

Husband: What about if you put a B on it?

Me: What about a MOON? [cuz our last name is Luna hello]

So obviously we tried the moon, but soon realized white powered sugar + white cake soufflé = no contrast.

You’d think, as a professional designer, I might have realized that but whatever, we all make mistakes.

Maybe we’ll try that stencil on a chocolate soufflé in the coming days. Maybe you’ll have to come back in a few days to see if we could do it.

December 19

No soufflés tonight, but we had a lengthy discussion about possible soufflés.

Husband: What about a marshmallow soufflé? Like only marshmallow?

Me: Like just egg whites and marshmallow?

Husband: Yeah, it would be all white. Or what about Kit-Kat soufflé? Like I could grind them into a fine powder.

Me: Go for it.

December 18 | Souffle # 3

Husband: I whipped it as much as I could.

Me: ???

Tonight, husband used Ibarra Mexican chocolate (it’s cinnamon-chocolate) and some Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate that I purchased “for emergency’s” and I’ve never been so happy that this was an emergency.

He also put a marshmallow at the bottom of the rankin, which MELTED INTO THE CAKE. Is that what heaven tastes like?

Apparently (according to husband), the marshmallow “did something” to the texture, but I just thought it tasted like a really good molten cake.

Pro-tip: Haagen Das Vanilla Bean is the best vanilla bean ice cream.

December 15

No soufflé today, but I thought this was worthy to note: G offered to make me “funfetti soufflés” for my birthday.

December 9 | Souffle #2

Look at the height on this one. A thing of beauty, isn’t it? After Day 1, G asked me to buy a dozen eggs to make more chocolate soufflés. Gladly.

December 7 | Souffle # 1

Husband: Honey, do we have eggs?

Me: I just bought some.

Husband: I don’t feel like making dinner. I’m going to make chocolate soufflés instead.

Me: [thinks he’s joking]

Husband: Alexa, set timer for 15 minutes.

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Seattle-based fashion writer and personal essayist. Likes designer handbags, glaring openness, and subtle vulgarity.

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