Fashion Copywriting for Fashion Bloggers

For nearly ten years, I’ve worked in Fashion Copywriting, Internet Marketing and Ecommerce.  Last year, I earned nearly $100k as a freelance fashion copywriter.  I want to share my expertise with YOU to inspire YOU to be a better blogger.

You don’t need to go to fashion school to be a badass fashion writer and blogger.

If you love fashion and love writing, this could be your dream job!

What Is Fashion Copywriting?

Fashion Copywriting is writing on the internet for ecommerce retailers, digital publications, and blogs. This can include product descriptions, product titles and names, web copy, editorial blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, and more. Basically, anything on a website that uses words needs copy!

Fashion Copywriting communicates a message about fashion using real fashion lingo and doing it in a way that speaks right to the heart of the customer using knowledge about fashion and style. It persuades the reader or customer to take action, whether that’s planting an idea/inspiration, buying something, or simply to educate them.

How Would Fashion Copywriting Help Me (and my blog?)

  • Learn Copywriting basics (correct grammar, puncuation, and other things you forgot you learned) to gain trust amongst your readers.
  • All about SEO (search engine optimization) to get your blog on the first page of Google searches.
  • Fashion-related adjectives and keywords to use in your posts.
  • How to write a killer product description (and how to use them in your blog posts).
  • How to research styles and products.
  • Get inspired to WRITE with blog post ideas for fashion bloggers.
  • Become a badass fashion blogger!

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