All-Black-Everything Gift Guide

“I’d buy it if it came in black,” is a phrase I mumble often. 

All black is mysterious, chic, sleek, and elusive. All black makes a statement but says nothing.  All black is modern and classic at the same time. 

Black is effortlessly chic and always cool.

Even cooler? Being given a gift you actually like. 

This gift guide is for your loved one (or yourself) that loves all-black-everything.  

All Black Everything Gift Guide for Women

All Black and Black-on-Black Gift Ideas

Black Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

These badass Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones are for your ultra-cool friend who is always listening to the newest obscure bands (if they don’t have these already, anyway).  

Price: $299

Chanel Coco Noir Black Perfume Bottle

Chanel perfume, need I say more?  This magnetic perfume gets me compliments everywhere I go with its bergamot, rose, and sandalwood notes. I usually wear this heavier perfume in the fall/winter months. 

Price: $100

Yves Saint Laurent Black on Black Monogram Chevron Wallet on Chain

I mean, come on, have you seen a more beautiful wallet on a chain than this black-on-black chevron YSL wallet on a chain

Price: $847.60

Handbags aren’t always the right accessory. How about this not-so-basic black mini Macaroon backpack by Doughnut?

Price: $78

Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee And Tea in Matte Black

Ideal for pour-over coffee or tea, I love this matte black electric kettle so much I might buy it for myself. 

Price: $149 

Drinking luke warm coffee is the worst. Solve one of the world’s saddest morning problems by gifting this sleek Ember ceramic mug that keeps coffee or tea at a precise temperature. 

Price: $79.95

Sleek, all black camo Spanx leggings is an upgrade to basic black leggings that any health goth would love. I rock these at least once a week. 

Price: $110

Do people still wear watches? They would if it were this sleek Movado bold black watch. I’ve been wearing one for years. It’s the ultimate all black accent. 

Price: $416.98

These shiny black cat-eye Céline sunglasses flatter nearly every face shape. These Italian-made sunnies have three signature dots on both temples, a subtle way to show off understated elegance.

Price: $440

Do something good. For every pair of Toms shoes purchased, a new pair is given to a child in need. These black on black Classic Toms are some of the most comfortable everyday shoes I have. 

Price: $49

Every fashion girl has these on their wishlist (they’ve been on mine for years!). These Rag and Bone Harrow boots are the perfect balance of elegant and edgy, which means they can be dressed up or dressed down. Or just wear them with lingerie. 

Price: $495

I’ve been using this mask for years. It’s my favorite charcoal mask ever: Origins Clear Improvement charcoal honey mask.

Price: $28.90

The cutest seven-day pillbox to ever exist by Port and Polish. 

Price: $15

Controversial opinion: I love satin sheets. This anti-aging, anti-bedhead satin pillowcase by slip claims to aid in beauty sleep. 

Price: $85

Areaware Minimal All Black Playing Cards

Less is more with these beautiful Minim Playing Cards. Perfect for people who just want to focus on the hand in front of them, these cards feature the classic 52-card format in a sleek, modern, and minimalist package… in black, obviously.

Price: $17

Jet black nail polish always makes me feel like I’m part rock star, part spy. Maybe it’s just me, but glossy black nail polish even looks cool when it’s chipped. 

Price: $6.94

This black-on-black print from Good Fucking Design Advice is your friend that loves cuss words and hates self-help. 

Price: $45

For your favorite football fan: the world’s most stylish black leather football by Leatherhead. I got the natural leather version for my husband a few years ago and we throw it back and forth in the living room all the time.  This double-duty football can be used for playing catch or as decor.

Price: $140

Have you ever noticed that lighters are always in primary colors like the people in the BIC r&d department are trying to market them? to children. I found myself hiding lighters in drawers because I don’t want to look at their glossy bright blue plastic shell. Then when I needed to light something on fire, I could never find my goddamn lighter because I forgot I hid it in a drawer. Then I bought this Black Matte Zippo, and I have never once lost it.

Price: $19.95

Any time you need to give a gift, it can cause so much anxiety for all parties involved. Did you pick the right gift? Will they like it? Will they hate it and want to return it? I always try to find gifts for people that they’ll use all year if I can. I’d also like to say here that I am allergic to tacky gifts, and you should be too. We’re better than that.

I hope this gift guide helped or inspired you. Let me know, especially if you purchased something from this list!



Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through these links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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